Meilani Wenska

Native Hawaiian Screenwriter, Director & Actor

Bio: Growing up in Hawaii, I attended the Kamehameha Schools, where Hawaiian culture, music, and dance are built into the curriculum. As an adult I got my BA degree in painting and worked professionally as a graphics designer for years. Later I began selling my art prints successfully online. Expanding my horizons, I've found a deep passion screen for directing, writing, and acting. My written work includes two feature length screenplays, two pilots, five shorts and a book of poetry. I have also directed four short films and a music video. In the acting world, I've recently booked roles in three shorts this year. I've also used my Hawaiian Pidgin accent for a PSA airing in Hawaii and voiceover in Cameron Crowe's "Aloha,". One of my favorite roles was as a battered wife in the festival award winning action film "Sanctioned to Die," and I did an exciting baseball bat duel with Arden Cho in "Hood Rat Warriors II." It's been a fantastic journey, and I've loved the experience of telling stories, making artistic decisions, and collaborating with amazing people.